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Contracts and Legal Forms

This page contains a variety of contracts that you can download and modify to suit your specific needs. They are a template for you to use, so be very clear and concise when filling in the details of timeframes and the purposes for which your artwork will be used. You may also alter these templates, for example, to include clauses that allow you to sell prints or other merchandise utilizing the contracted artwork.

These templates will be a great starting point for you to negotiate terms with a client that will make both parties happy.

By downloading these documents, you agree that PACT is not offering you legal advice.

One Time Rights

This contract allows the client to use the artwork one time, and one time only. Any other use of the work would require a new agreement. For example, if you are contracted to do a book cover, but want to make sure it is used for the US edition of the book only, this is the contract for you. If the client wants to use the cover for worldwide editions, please use the All Rights for Limited Purpose contract.

All Rights for Limited Time

This contract allows the client to use the artwork in any capacity they need, but only for a specific period of time detailed in the contract. Once that period has expired, all rights revert back to the artist, allowing them to resell the artwork to another client.

All Rights for Limited Purpose

This contract allows the client to use the artwork only on a specific product. For example, if you are contracted to do a painting for a card game, that is the only thing that it can be used for. If the company then wanted to sell T-shirts, playmats, or other merchandise with the artwork on it, a new contract and further compensation for the artist would be required. Therefore, with this contract, be very explicit when describing the "Purpose" that the artwork may be used for. This contract will also allow you to simultaneously sell the artwork to another client for a non-competing purpose.

All Rights for Limited Time and Purpose

This contract allows the client to use the artwork on a specific product, for a limited time. During the agreed upon time, they may only use the artwork on the specified product. Once the agreed upon time has expired, all rights revert back to the artist.

Boilerplate Agreement

This is the main agreeement with all of the rights packages included. You can download this agreement and select which set of terms suits your purpose best. The rest of the agreements on this page have a rights package selected for you, and a brief description of what they mean for ease of use.

Cease and Desist

This template can be sent to a company or person who is using your artwork without your permission, or in violation of an existing contract. It is a standard letter which states your knowledge of their illegal practice, and explains that if they do not stop using your work illegally you may pursue legal action against them.

Original Artwork Commission

This contract provides a detailed rights breakdown for a private collector who commissioned you to create artwork for them. Many buyers do not realize that purchasing an original piece of art does not give them copyright to that work. This document explains that all copyright remains with the artist unless otherwise agreed upon.

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